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Sports & Physical Fitness

Grade: 5-12

Team-building through sports

Team-building through sports

Toronto Youth Development’s sports and physical fitness program emphasizes the importance of physical activity. In today’s world of electronics, television and Internet, many youth are in jeopardy of developing childhood diabetes. TYD is cognizant of this social issue and is responding with a number of athletic programs that will invigorate the youth’s mind and body.

Our goal is to offer children a curriculum in sports and healthy eating that encompasses both cardio and skills development. Developing motor skills of the youth is necessary for the proper overall development. Adding in sixty minutes of hard heart-beating cardio will only help the youth perform their daily duties well and on time.

Toronto Youth Development (TYD) engages the youth with a variety of elements that foster both individual work and teamwork. With a focus on teamwork and character development, exercises focus on helping other team members through the ASE programs.

Partnering with The Steve Nash Youth Basketball Development Program and the Ontario Basketball Association, TYD offers the youth all the necessary tools for proper development. Our summer camps also offer Soccer, Hockey, Football, Track and Field and Martial Arts… and many push-ups!

Steve Nash Basketball Development Program

Steve Nash Youth Basketball is a national youth basketball initiative designed to develop fundamental skills, sportsmanship and a love for the game of basketball. This grassroots program supports and empowers community-based recreational groups and facilities, schools and other institutions across Canada in an effort to positively develop youth through basketball. The goal of the program is to allow participants the opportunity to maximize their potential, while promoting the importance of youth basketball as a vehicle to build character, discipline and self-esteem.