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MLSE Foundation’s: Character & Leadership Development Workshops

Grade: 5-12

At Toronto Youth Development, Character Development / Formation is the main philosophy behind all other programs we deliver. This most important ingredient of life is so crucial in the development of a child’s life. It is much more productive and effective to start teaching a 10 to 15 year old child character formation than starting at age 16 to18. Our youth progrmas have strongly encouraged character development to help at-risk youth in Toronto.

MLSE Foundation - Character and Leadership Development

MLSE Foundation – Character and Leadership Development

Our Character Development curriculum is taught in a classroom setting, which consists of many topics & values that pertain to the development of the youth, making them into people of strong character.

Click to see TYD’s Character Development Assessment Form for all parents to fill out upon registering.

TYD believes the following points affect the moral development and behaviour of youth:

  • Early childhood experience
  • Modelling by important adults and older youth
  • Peer influence
  • The general physical and social environment
  • The communications of media
  • What is taught in the schools and other institutions
  • Specific situations and roles that elicit corresponding behaviour.
Tutoring and mentoring

Mentoring at Toronto Youth Development

Promoting Good Character Formation

  • Don’t forget to praise your children for any attempts – remember to reward for effort and completion, NOT outcome.
  • Your child will probably mirror your behaviour. Parents are the role models, the primary educators of their kids. It is important to nurture your own self-esteem and set a good example for your child.
  • Help kids set more accurate standards and be more realistic in evaluating themselves.
  • Children are not BAD – They do bad things.
  • Being affectionate can boost your child’s self-esteem to a great extend.
  • Give praise frequently and honestly without overdoing it.
  • Kids who don’t feel safe or are abused at home will suffer immensely from low self-esteem.

Parenting Quick Tips

Do you…

  • Model a love and enthusiasm for learning?
  • Expose your child to meaningful learning opportunities?
  • Demonstrate support and respect for teachers and school administrators?
  • Attend school functions regularly?
  • Place education ahead of extracurricular activities?
  • Read to your child or encourage independent reading on a daily basis?
  • Provide support and structure for homework assignments?
  • Set appropriate expectations for your child’s achievements and behavior?
  • Foster higher level thinking skills and problem solving?
  • Promote structure, routine and a sense of responsibility in the family?
  • Set limits on TV viewing?
  • Set time constraints?


Grade: 8

Each summer Toronto Youth Development (TYD) selects 5 to 10 graduating grade eight students, and offers them the opportunity to learn, take responsibility, and assist in the delivery of the summer camp programs. This has been very beneficial for TYD, the grade 8 students and the campers. By supporting kids, our registered children’s charity is improving the long-term health of the community.