Toronto Youth Development - Helping Toronto Youth


MLSE Foundation - Character and Leadership DevelopmentFor 16 years Toronto Youth Development has offered children and families the Academic and Sports Enrichment Programs (ASE). The youth programs are grass rooted in nature, when in 1995 a group of University of Toronto students saw a need for academic assistance to the at-risk children. Their vision was to offer 4-week, half day camps in the summer in order to prepare the kids for the upcoming grade. We now offer a full year of rounded programs consisting of Academics, Character Development, Sports and Leadership Development. All our children’s charities’ programs are well studied before delivery, making sure that they are safe, learnable, fun, & encourage children development.

Success & Results

The success of our programs and registered children’s Toronto charity relate to the number of kids that register each year. 30% of children returned in 2007, 38% in 2008 and a staggering 64% for 2009. This is the result of Toronto Youth Development, TYD’s, well-researched curriculum, it’s staff and volunteers. Our team presents themselves in a kind and professional manner, making the youth feel comfortable and trusting. When done properly we see a definite improvement in all areas of child development.

ASE helped me set my goals and achieve them. My grades improved as well as my athletic skills. ASE also helps me socially by showing me how to get along with people.– Prasham P.
ASE Graduate, 1st Year York University

TYD programs provide a direct and positive impact to the number of elementary school suspensions as measured by feedback from schools and parents. Both TYD and Industry data show that this positive behaviour carries forward into high school, thus positively assisting in lowering high school dropout rates in each community. Proper child formation starts at an early age, making TYD an influential impact on children’s lives.