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Planned & Major Gift Giving

Some people give an outright charitable donation of cash in one lump sum, while others pay their pledged amount over a period of time.

Major gifts to Toronto Youth Development can include tangible assets like real estate, securities, and equipment.

Anyone can make a major gift charitable donation – individuals, families, foundations, and companies. We hope you will become one of our many supporters.

Major gifts to Toronto Youth Development support one or more of our five priority sectors:

  • Education
  • Character Development
  • Youth Mentoring
  • Sports and Leadership / Self Sustainability

The Main Major Gift Donation Categories

1. Immediate Use: Your total gift of cash or property is used to build the project or support the sector of your choice. Gifts can be made annually, in a lump sum, or according to a schedule that best suits your needs.

2. Endowed: Your donation establishes a capital fund which is invested in TYD’s long-term investment pool and earns interest. Each year the interest is used to fund programs of your choice. The capital, which remains unspent, generates interest and funds the programs in perpetuity. This type of giving is a great option for donors who want to establish a fund that will continue to benefit children for generations to come.

3. Planned Giving: These are gifts made while you are alive or at your death that maximize your giving while minimizing the taxes payable. This can be done by provision in your will and/or by making some of the gifts listed below while you are alive. The gift may be available to TYD to spend in full or you can specify it be preserved as a capital sum to generate an annual amount in perpetuity. It is entirely up to you.

The Main Types of Gifts that Our Supporters Give

1. Gifts Through a Will
2. Gifts of Securities
3. Gifts of Life Insurance
4. Charitable Gift Annuity
5. Gifts of Property
6. Charitable Remainder Trust

To find out more about major gift opportunities at TYD please contact