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Corporate Giving

One of the ways to generate this type of committed allegiance to your company and brand is to make a charitable donation to TYD.

Your customers will thank you for it. In fact, the benefits of the publicity that comes with a corporate donation far outweigh what that money could otherwise afford to buy in advertising.

Gifts of cash or property offer significant tax breaks for many companies. A corporate donation to TYD isn’t just a generous gift – it’s a strategic purchase that will create goodwill toward your brand and provide hope for children in need living here in Toronto.

It sends a message of social responsibility to customers, shareholders, employees and competitors.

There are many flexible and convenient ways in which companies can increase brand equity. One way is through TYD, a credible and accountable registered charitable organization.

Donate now

TYD provides help to children and families living in extreme poverty right here in Toronto regardless of religion, race or nationality. You may choose to donate to specific programs.

All donations including corporate donations made to Toronto Youth Development are tax deductible and eligible to receive a tax receipt …Donate Now