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So Many Ways to Give

TYD Funding Allocation Chart

TYD Funding Allocation Chart

TYD donors can be confident that their generous contributions are well-used in assisting our kids. 69% of all donations go directly to supporting our children’s programs.

Child sponsorship here in Toronto is one way to be charitable and to help impoverished children and families living right in your community. Toronto Youth Development has other donation options that will help break the cycle of extreme poverty within Toronto. Find out which option is best for you.

Create your own Charitable Foundation

By creating your own personal or corporate Charitable Foundation you can begin the process of leaving a legacy…This may include your own family’s Foundation ”The Jones Family Charitable Foundation” where it can be passed on for years to come or setting up a corporate foundation and engaging your own staff, supplies, clients to support your corporate social responsibility initiative.

Learn more about how to start a charitable foundation through TYD.

Planned or Major Gifts Giving

A charitable donation to a registered charity like Toronto Youth Development can take many forms. It can be a one-time donation, a gift of stock, an endowment or a bequest. You can select the form that best suits your lifestyle and personal giving goals.

Learn more about planned giving through TYD

Corporate Giving

Many corporations, businesses, and brands have successfully figured out how to appeal to the first two, but appealing to the heart and encouraging a long-lasting meaningful relationship with a customer or employee is harder to do. You can accomplish this by making a charitable donation to registered charity like TYD.

Learn more about corporate giving

Employee Giving

You can suggest your company set up an employee-giving program for non-profit organizations. Many companies are unaware of the tax benefits of such a program. Plus, supporting the charitable donation priorities of employees improves staff morale.

Learn more about employee giving

Car Donation Program

Donate your car and receive a tax receipt. Help get older high-polluting cars off the road and support TYD at the same time. It doesn’t cost you a thing and its easy.

Learn more about donating your car