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Executive Brief

The At-Risk Youth

Charitable giving can make the largest impact within the education sector when directed toward addressing Canada’s high school dropout epidemic.

Youth Mentoring at TYD

Youth Mentoring at TYD

Early education is critical. Elementary education lays the foundation for learning.

Half of all high school dropouts are identifiable in grade 7.

We believe that our donors can have the greatest impact in addressing this epidemic by donating to effective charities that work with the most vulnerable groups with the highest dropout rates.

The most vulnerable groups are children (boys), visual minorities, single parent dwellings and families living below the poverty line.

There is an epidemic directly affecting 40,000 young Canadians each year.

There are 210,000 Canadians aged 20 to 24 without high school diplomas. A third of all dropouts leave school with Grade 9 or less.

The Social Issue

These dropouts also incur high social costs.

High school dropouts are 2.5 times more likely to be unemployed than those who finish high school, receive 85% of government welfare spending, and account for 80% of inmates in federal jails.

A high school dropout is the leading burden on Canada’s welfare, healthcare and prison system.

Good schools and programs have more influence than all social and family risk factors

These organizations are effective in producing higher graduation rates with at-risk students.

The key aspects here are engaging students in supportive environments which keep students attending classes.

* Research prepared by: Charity Intelligence Canada