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The vision of TYD, as a children’s charity located in Toronto is focused on the development of a thriving, supportive, healthy and safe community for children, youth, and kids today.

Toronto Youth Development is a registered charitable organization created in 1995 to assist and foster Toronto’s children in order to assist in reducing the social dilemma of high school drop out rates, community violence and next generation poverty.

Toronto Youth Development’s Academic and Sports Enrichment (ASE) programs are a much needed and proven system, enabling underprivileged children to rise from their present environment and attain self worth, confidence and leadership traits.

Our programs offer 4 key components including:

  1. Academic: Assistance in order to graduate high school and enter post secondary
  2. Character Development: Providing proper formation that last a lifetime
  3. Leadership: Building future leaders of tomorrow – Not followers
  4. Sports: Keeping youth & children fit to reduce child obesity in society.

The bond of enthusiasm and friendship between the ASE kids and leaders is very evident. What really impressed me was the appreciation expressed by the parents at the conclusion of the program. They love their kids and are proud of them. Parents appreciate the work being done by TYD in helping their children set and achieve high goals for themselves.– Robert Taylor, CA
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At Toronto Youth Development, a registered children’s charity; we understand the importance of fostering kids, assisting disadvantaged children, and raising awareness to poverty issues in the Greater Toronto Area. Toronto Youth Development has made every effort to:

Reduce poverty, assist at-risk youth, form education development, promote youth opportunities, improve the quality of life and help kids achieve. Due to socio-economic disadvantages, Toronto youth are susceptible to poor academic achievement, and street crime. We at Toronto Youth Development want to actualize the potential of youth today, by educating and empowering youth, thereby strengthening inner city neighbourhoods.

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