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Toronto Youth Development and MiiScan Corporation Form Alliance to Create Regent Park Soccer League for At-Risk Youth



Toronto Youth Development is formally announcing their partnership with MiiScan Corporation to help launch the TYD Regent Park House League Soccer League (MiiScan RPSC) for inner-city youth. The new league will allow all children and teenagers in the Regent Park and surrounding communities a chance to participate in their own soccer league, encouraging at-risk children to take part in organized sport without incurring any costs, and steer them away from crime alternatives.

MiiScan RPSC will hold their games on the new Regent Park Soccer Field (tentative opening date 2015), part of the state-of-the-art sports facilities being constructed for the City of Toronto’s Regent Park Social revitalization project. MiiScan Corporation who together with other sponsors will contribute to the development of the new soccer field. Both Toronto Youth Development and MiiScan Corporation are working with Toronto Community Housing on transforming and revitalizing Regent Park into a mixed-income downtown community, for more than 12,500 residents.

Special thank you for the enormous contribution by Mark Itwaru, Chairman and CEO, MiiScan Corporation to help Toronto Youth Development & at-risk youth.  Mr. Itwaru’s contribution was significant to start-up the soccer club.  Can your organization match it?

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