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TYD implements new Ministry Curriculum

Toronto, June 1, 2010 – TYD to deliver new Ontario Ministry of Education, Board wide curriculum

Toronto Youth Development has incorporated research-proven learning strategies recommended by the Ontario Ministry of Education in executing their academic curriculum. The implementation of the new curriculum allocates three hours each day combining Math and Language Arts. The aim is for students to strengthen the skills and lessons they have learned in the previous year, while also preparing them for the following grade, giving students a chance to be ahead of their peers in September.

The curriculum this year is designed for valuable learning to take place even in a camp setting, without making students feel like they are in school. The lessons are framed in inquiry-based tasks and real-life situations that develop students’ critical thinking, creativity and collaborative skills. By embedding lessons into relevant situations, students are constantly—although perhaps unconsciously—tapping into and practicing a wide range of skills while being engaged in the problem solving process. Read more

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