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Exec. Director Invited to Parliament Hill

February 2010, Ottawa – TYD Executive Director addresses Parliamentary Forum on Crime Prevention and National Security

While Parliament was suspended early in the year, the Liberal Party of Canada held a number of “public hearings”, including a forum on Crime Prevention & National Security. Over 200 people gathered to listen and ask questions from a panel of experts. TYD’s Executive Director, Brian Keaney was one of the invited panelists, sharing his expertise on combating youth crime. Each panelist gave a statement which was followed by questions from the forum. A number of Liberal MP’s were part of the forum including Justin Trudeau, Senator Art Eggleton and Stéphane Dion, former Liberal Leader.

Guest Panelists

  • Ottawa Police Chief Vern White,
  • Executive Director of the Elizabeth Fry Society of Canada Kim Pate,
  • University of Manitoba`s Dr. Rick Linden,
  • Dr. Jane Dickson-Gilmore, an expert on restorative justice,
  • Past Chair of the National Crime Prevention Council of Canada Ross Hastings,
  • Executive Director of Toronto Youth Development Brian G. Keaney
  • Université de Montréal Criminology Professor Massimiliano Mulone.
  • Senator Joan Fraser
  • MP Dominic Leblanc, Liberal Justice Critic
  • MP Mark Holland, Liberal Public Safety and National Security Critic
Brian Keaney - Panelist at Forum on Crime Prevention & National Security

Brian Keaney - Panelist on Parliament Hill

Brian Keaney & Michael Ignatieff

Brian Keaney & Michael Ignatieff

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